In response to Sam Montgomery's
decision to move the dealership, which
carried the line of Rolls-Royce & Bentley
automobiles, to Conroe  - Hughes Motor
Corporation was  founded in 1974, by
Garfield Hughes, and his wife, Lila, to
serve Houston area Rolls Royce &
Bentley owners.

Kenneth Hughes joined the family business in the
late 1970's and has over 40 years experience as
an auto technician (30+ years specializing in Rolls
Royce & Bentley).
Greg Stallworth, who has been an auto technician
for over 25 years (10+ years specializing in Rolls
Royce & Bentley), joined Hughes Motor Corp. in
the mid 90's.
Michael Hughes joined the family business in 2003
with 32 years as a Mechanical Engineering
Technician and R&D Machinist (27 years with
NASA at Johnson Space Center).
Tommy Williamson, a veteran auto technician for
over 37 years, specializing in Rolls Royce &
Bentley, began his career under the guidance of
Garfield Hughes at the Sam Montgomery
dealership, as a teenager.  Tommy has
successfully completed 16+ Rolls Royce & Bentley
classes over the course of his career and has
worked for both Hughes Motor Corp. and the
Houston area Rolls Royce & Bentley dealership.  
He rejoined Hughes Motor Corp. several years ago
and his extensive knowledge of Rolls Royce &
Bentley automobiles (both old and new) is truly a
valuable asset for us.
Hughes Motor Corp. offers a full array of    
products and services for all makes and models   
of Rolls Royce & Bentley.
Come see us and let us help keep your Rolls
Royce or Bentley in top condition.